Investment Scam Tactics U Should Know Now 2021


take it or not, but know this, best you start avoiding all this so called investment because alot of Nigeria investment are useless, and scam in disguise. this is the new tactics now in scamming people they have seen that tell people bring 10 n collect 20 in less than 24hrs isnt working as b4 so they have changed the tactics, are u ready for it? well its pretty simple. They tell u to invest in some thing genuine and that your investment will yield more than 50 to 60% return over the span of 2 to 3 years. Now you thinking this is actual investment return, which it is, then you invest. Now the game begins. you get ur first month return you get your second month return when they see people are starting to believe, you proberly get a third month return and suddenly boom. they come up with stories, the bank, the economy, rise of this n dat, too many people, we are changing tactics to serve you better, all this to keep ur mind at ease while they prepare to flew the country. mind you THIS ISN'T PETER PAYING PAUL this is you getting paid with your own money until they feel you have been enough from your money. so brethrens give it a rest, even forex they claim lives. best you start thinking of other ways, physical ways to make you money, i have said my peace. stay blessed

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