Which School To Best Apply For Computer Science In Nigeria.


Hello guys, It's my three months of learning programming language. Never thought I will be this enthusiastic student software engineer this far. There's this issue I'm having right now. It's about the institution that will accept me to read computer science. I'm not likely going for universities because majority of them are after "Chemistry", "Physics", "Biology" etc FOR JAMB COMBINATION. Literally, I wrote Jamb last year hoping to read "Cooperative Economics" in Unizik. I scored 230 and my jamb combination is "Economics", "Mathematics" and "Government". Still last year, I came across programming and the beauty in it and I lost interest totally in my initial course. Like every other programmers, I also need this certificate in computer science. The problem is, I was never a science kid in secondary school and I don't have any related science subjects in my WAEC except Agriculture. And most institutions are after those science subjects and combination. Like I said, I don't intend going for universities because I know it's practically impossible for them to admit non-science students into the department of Computer Science. I just need to know if there's any polytechnic that'll accept me with my jamb combinations and SSCE result.

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