The Way Forward!


Meet Joseph He is a graduate of political science from the prestigious University of Ibadan. He is a worker in the church, a Sunday school teacher, a youth minister, a prolific writer, an author of two best-selling books. He teaches the word of God with mastery, precision, and much clarity. Whenever he teaches the word, multitudes are blessed, their lives are been transformed, their mindset is been conditioned to think in the right way that will produce the desired results in every facet of Life... He is loved by people in the church because of his good disposition. He sings so beautifully well just like Lucifer when he was enjoying his stay in the kingdom of heaven. He is patient, humble, dedicated, and well-grounded when it comes to dishing out the word of God to folks. He is versed in scriptures, coupled with the fact that he gives a thorough exegesis of scriptures that can also be deciphered by even a babe still growing in Christ. He believes in the power of God, principles of the Kingdom, life, the person of Christ, the redemptive works of Christ, and the power of the cross. He believes that' no man can receive anything from the Lord except it is given to him by God. Despite all of these, Joseph is still faced with the mountain of lust. He is not free from the servitude of the spirit of lust. He is caged by the spirit that makes individuals lust after women... Joseph tries to control himself whenever he is plagued by the spirit of lust, but all to no avail. He tries to run away from the opposite sex when he sees them coming towards his direction, but it seems as if they were coming towards him in full force and speed. Oh! Who shall deliver me from this bondage? Who will rescue me from this mess? IAM tired, IAM fade up. I cannot continue to lust after the opposite sex. Lust is of the world and not of God, and for me to do the will of the father who resides in heaven, I must do away completely with lust. IAM tired of seeing pictures of naked women flashing through my mind. I understand that I cannot prevent the bird from flying, but I can prevent them from making their nest on my head. I need to be completely free! I need help! Who will deliver me from this burden? Joseph knew he was already in the hands of the wicked one, and there was no way to be free from the servitude of the Devil if a more powerful force does not intervene on his behalf. So, he ran to meet the supreme being who can deliver him from his lust for women and cried out: O Lord save me from this lust. I have been in this bondage for years, the pictures I used my eyes to see via the Internet and some sites are affecting the diffusion of my mind. Help me Lord, I need a transformational change in my mindset. What's the way forward Lord? He cried bitterly, seeking help... The voice spoke on Joseph's inside: guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life. Stay frequently at the place of prayers and fellowship with me, your lust for women will die. Discipline the flesh and do not allow it to control you. put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lust thereof. Make the word of God your closet companion, for there lies all the victory and the power you need to conquer all the storms of life. Renew your mind daily with the undiluted word of God which can save your soul, and give you an inheritance among the saints. If you take the time to read the word daily, you will see that your mind will be transformed to think only the right thoughts. Cut off from anything that will constitute as temptation and finally hate sin, love righteousness and do all to the glory of the father, for IAM is well able to keep you from falling and to present you on that day spotless, blameless until that perfect day of Christ... Think about these things! Joseph got answers to the way forward and his life became beautiful once again. I hope sure you learned something! Do well to share your thoughts. © Amadu Isaac katun exegete!/Certified writer/ deep thinker/speaker/ teacher./ Development coach/ strong believe in Christ.

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