Why Do I Keep Seeing Beautiful Girls In My Dreams?


Right. First off, I haven't had carnal knowledge of any woman born of a man yet. Why does it keep happening? I don't even have a gf at the moment, not since five years ago. I have been with up to 7 different girls in my dreams. And in each one it'll feel like I'm with my soul mate. I'm always at ease with everyone of them. These are gorgeous women with different looks, and on each occasion we feel very happy together, the vibe is top notch.. they always want to please me. They treat me like their fvxking king. I'm not exaggerating, every one of them feels like a soul mate. But when I wake up, I always feel lost, like unhappy, sad to realise it was only just a dream. The question is why am I meeting different women in my dreams? The very first one I met, if I can remember vividly, was with a short hair cut. And boy! I'm a sucker for Chicas with low cut. well.. maybe my mind is just fvxking with me. I dunno. Who else is experiencing this? Am I the only one? Modified: Lest I forget, we are always all cuddly, touchy, there were times when we had kisses, even went nude, not me though, them. But never had sex. I find this really strange.

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