Your Excuses Are Correct But They Are Not Valid


Our EXCUSES are correct but not valid because excuses keep holding us back from achieving our DREAM of becoming a Chartered Stockbroker. In the past, before the advent of aircrafts, nobody would ever believe that a METAL (Airplane) would fly on a higher altitude than birds…… but today, it’s real. Some other scientist would have given solid proof that metal cannot fly….. (Excuses), but the WRIGHT BROTHERS proved them wrong by flying the first airplane. These are some of the excuses that might be preventing you from becoming a Chartered Stockbroker; • What if I fail again?.... • What if all I read did not come out in the exam? ….. • I don’t have money ….. • I don’t have time …… • I need work Leave to start preparation …… • Most my colleagues are now Chartered Stockbrokers except me, maybe I need prayers ……. • I just got married …… • I have a baby ….. • I have failed several time …. • It’s like CIS is not for me..... • My case is spiritual, I need special prayers...... • I am just afraid without reason….. These EXCUSES are all right because, that is how we feel now, but, are these excuses VALID? ……. The answer is capital NO, because they are all emotional setbacks. The question we should be asking ourselves is "what is the SOLUTION?" You need to CHANGE your BELIEVE first, and then you need a system that will COMPEL YOU TO PASS. Our SUCCESS BLUEPRINT and Telegram class will compel you to pass CIS EXAM, if only you follow it STRICTLY. P. S. A lot of CIS students have downloaded this Blueprint for preparing for this coming diet, don't be left out, you have nothing to lose, request for it now, it’s FREE To get the CIS Blueprint, click here to chat with Admin on Telegram Kindly click here join our FREE CIS Telegram Classes NOW Starry Gold Academy No 1 Tuition center with the highest exam pass rate at one sitting for professional exams in Nigeria.

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