There Is A Big Problem: On The Orlu Airstrikes And The Rest Of Us


People can hate Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB for all I care (after all, even Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad were also hated in their times). There are other people who don't hate the fair prince but would disagree with him on issues of importance. That's OK too. I also differed with him when he took sides openly in the American partisan politics, which is now a very big clog in the wheel of the Biafran struggle. But, one thing no real human can disagree with Kanu on is that, fundamentally,... 1. He is fighting a just cause. 2. The interest he is trying to protect is OUR interest - all of us Nigerians (not just Igbo interest as it may seem to many of us). So, the cause that Kanu and IPOB are fighting should get our support unless we're stupid. As it stands, only the Fulani can refuse to support Kanu's activism without being as stupid as cows. See why: It's very very real that NIGERIA IS NOW UNDER A FOREIGN INVASION. It's also clear enough that, EVEN THE GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA IS NOW BEING CONTROLLED AT THE TOP BY NON-NIGERIAN ELEMENTS WITH ZERO PATRIOTIC ATTITUDE towards the country and countrymen. For those who haven't realized this, the Orlu Airstrikes should be a huge eye-opener side-by-side with the existence of Amotekun and Hisbah. How exactly? To avoid wasting your time, I will make my points briefly with these bulleted questions: * Why does this Government pay a deaf ear to the endless rascality of Hisbah in frequently destroying legitimate businesses and harassing law-abiding Nigerians (like the Benue barber) in the North? Which part of the constitution empowers Hisbah to do all that? And why is the Nigerian Government doing nothing to stop it? * But why does the same Government employ such a heavy military weight against ESN which, although unconstitutional (like Hisbah of course), does not disturb the peace of law-abiding Nigerians as Hisbah does. Instead, it actually exists to complement the constitutional role of Government in terms of security against killer herders? *But, why did the same government so readily proscribe a far less violent group (IPOB) and are always out to attack them with top military options? * Why is it that Amotekun, a security outfit literally funded by a group of state governments, is very ineffective in protecting the lives and property of South-Westerners (thereby making it necessary for fellows like Sunday Igboho to come into the picture)? * And why is a relatively poorly funded ESN obviously far more effective in protecting the citizens within their jurisdiction than the government-funded Amotekun? THE ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS IS SIMPLE: THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT AT THE TOP IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF NON-PATRIOTIC, NON-NIGERIAN ELEMENTS. THAT CAN ONLY HAPPEN IN A COUNTRY THAT IS UNDER A FOREIGN INVASION. So, what can we do in this ugly situation to forestall future regrets? In my next article, I will be sharing a unique insight I got on HOW NIGERIANS CAN BREAK LOSE FROM THIS FOREIGN DOMINATION BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

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