My Aunt Has Taken Over My Father's Properties I Need Help

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Dear Sir, I am a boy of 26 years,I lost my father when I was 19 years. I am the first Child and Son of my father from my own mother,he married many wives and gave birth to different children with those women,though that's his life. My father was the only son of his family,and he has other siblings. It happened that at the point of my grand father's death,he left many properties which my father inherited as the only son of the family, while my father's other siblings are all married with kids living in their own separate families. After graduating from the University, my father took over the business of my grandfather and it prospered. He expanded the business and the revenue increased. The time came that my father got married to my mother and had two sons with her. He lived with my own mother for only two years and had problems with her,which led to their separation. He took my younger brother and I to live with one of his sisters. So I grew up in my aunty's house,even though he was visiting us from time to time. After some years,my had a mysterious accident that killed him instantly,that was when my problem started with my Aunties. My Aunt withdrew her financial assistance to me and my younger brother three months after we buried my father. We struggled to train ourselves at the University,it wasn't easy. The time came,I finished school, I had no job,even my younger brother, things became very difficult for us,we approached my Aunt for assistance, but she refused. The reason why we did this was because,my aunt has been in charge of the business that my father was in control of before his sudden demise. We reported to the elders in our village,they summoned her,she refused to come,after much persuasion and fights. she came and stated that the business and properties in question was that of her Dad meaning my Grandfather's,that even though my dad inherited them and made some useful inputs, that they will be in control of things till we are of age. The Elders then asked her,the reasons why she doesn't help us anymore,she said its because of the way and manner we behave towards her and her children. The truth is that we have never for one day insulted she and her siblings. They then mandated her that she should have fixed amount that she should be remitting to us every month. We agreed on N30,000 every month for the both of us,she started paying us that amount and stopped,after eight months . We later got information from some people that she is trying to change ownership of those properties in other to claim full ownership, at this point,we are stranded and don't know how we will stop her and reclaim what is truly ours. Please advice us on how to go about it.

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