Empire Of The Eboes 1868 Publication


In this thread, we will visit history and review ethnographers' works and other writers who worked on the Igbo culture in the 17th centuries. Africanus Beale is a good way to start as it is short and integrates the recent works of Baikie, Oldfield, Crowther and other earlier works. Doctor James Africanus Beale Horton African surgeon soldier and became more concerned with politics In his book West African Countries and Peoples 1868 Horton challenged the prevalent notions of the racial inferiority of Africans and also put forward several proposals for the self-governance of different African national and ethnic groups However Horton also saw himself as a loyal subject of the British crown and envisioned Britain as having a strong cultural and technological influence in the development of Africa. Africanus saw the Igbos (Eboes) as a great example for his argument to present to the British government of that time. I will present relevant experts as we advance. I hope the Igbo peeps are following.

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